Anti-ageing / Body beauty care

In Shivani Ayurveda clinic we believe that if you are clean and detoxified from inside, then it will radiate the beauty outside. So food, thoughts and herbs are given as a part of this package. If you often find yourself feeling tired, achy and irritable, you might want to try a Detox anti-ageing treatment. Nowadays, early ageing is a big reason of anxiety and stress for one and all. Blame it on fast foods, incompatible diets and eating habits, food adulteration, modern sedentary lifestyles or even environmental impinge.

The signs of stress and ageing have become obvious and many are concerned about this! These includes early greying of hair, dry and wrinkled skin, dark circles below the eyes, flabby skin, over-weight and even mental signs like forgetfulness, irritability or confusion.Before one plans to go in for artificial and synthetic means of cosmetology for anti-ageing, one must know all about what Ayurveda can do in order to keep you young and beautiful from inside and outside. Apart from prescribed therapies, the correction of the basic habits is important, which means eating right, drinking enough water, regular sleep, yoga or exercise.

Step one is always to detoxify through food, herbs and positive thinking, to stay happy and light, to be in love with yourself as ageing has a strong influence of ones thoughts. A wide range of Rasayana herbs (herbs for increasing the vitality and vigour of all systems) are useful. Apart from this regular massages it is good to do anti-ageing and rejuvenation therapy for the whole face and body skin, as well as massage to increase oxygenation

Then a wide range of Ayurvedic Treatments is recommended for enhancing the use of herbal scrubs, massage oils and natural paste application. The proficient use of these products along the offered therapies helps to remove the dead skin from the body, giving it a polished and glowing complexion. All of this is done through our special herbal packs and scrubs made by us a per skin type. The result is that you shine from inside out, after these treat-ments. Along with this identification of one’s body type and changing the nutrition is also useful on a daily basis, as what we eat is also influencing our health.