Do you feel depressed?

A small but effective step to try when you are depressed / feeling low or stressed, try to focus on your body instead on your mind. First of all, start moving/walkin in order to shift the energy from the mind to the body. Drink some water and take a walk in the forest. It is easy to recognise who you are and what makes you happy provided you are ready to put your attention there .

You are a unique combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Before you look for approval from others – check if you truly accept yourself. Whatever stops you to do it, let it go. Don’t overanalyse your emotions. Every emotion is just a thought and every thought can be changed!

At Shivani Ayurveda, we help you alter your attitude and reactions through Panchakarma and vari-ous therapies that are offered. These therapies are complemented withnatural herbs which help you handle ailments, along with fresh sattvic food which is served during the treatments. The clinic team highly recoomends you to use natural methods to cure ailments instead of taking chemical pills We also provide online consultations to help you to understand our approach to the mind.

Ayurvedic psychology and herbs are a way to understand and support the pa-tient through natural help, but when going through psychological imbalances or any psychiatric problems do not stop any chemical prescription from your doctor without his/her supervision as natural therapy is not a psychiatric treatment replacement but a support.