Heal Depression, Anxiety and Burnout

Every person is special and needs to express his/her own needs and desires. Due to this, accumu-lated negative emotions can often manifest as depression, anxiety or burnout. These diseases are a clear indication that healing should be done to the whole nervous system and not just be done to subside its unpleasant symptoms.

Ayurvedic treatments work like the way fertilizers fix the nutrient value the soil and thus, con-tribute tosolving mental imbalances. For example, what do we do when a machine is not running properly? Of course, we don’t just start shouting at it or trash it. In order to repair it, we open the instruction manual , try to find out the reason of defect and learn how to fix it. If the fault is complex, then we are even more motivated to discover and solve the problem.

If these are the intensive levels to which we can go to fix mere machines, then why are we not will-ing to spend same energy on getting to know ourselves and solve the mental challenges that appear in our lives? Why do we simply want the symptoms to disappear instead of working on healing the causes which create those symptoms in the first place? This happens because we are reluctant to admit that we have to know more about our mind and the way it thinks. Attempting to understand the mind and its qualities can be like playing with fire .Awareness is an extremely important factor present in mind but, paradoxically, we don’t focus on how to use it. The mind does not have any shape or form itself, it adapts to the chosen pattern. As mobility is the nature of mind, we need to learn how to overcome its chaotic rush, so that it can calm down and so can we.