Ayurvedic Nutrition

According to Ayurveda an essential part of understanding your body is to formulate good eating habits. Careful food combinations can dramatically improve the quality of digestion, support the body in receiving a deeper level of nourishment and positively impact our overall physical and mental health . The act of eating is life-giving. The process of eating, according to Ayurveda, is something reverent and important for the development of consciousness as well as our physical health. To be relaxed while eating will greatly improve the digestion. Another way to improve the digestion is to stimulate the Agni, or digestive fire, before we eating. Eating a one-inch piece of fresh ginger with a few drops of lemon juice and a few pinches of salt on it before a full meal is helpful to activate the digestive system .This starts to activate the salivary glands, producing the necessary enzymes so that the nutrients in the food are easily absorbed by the body

Balancing your digestive agni is a key principle in Ayurveda. That’s why ayurveda recommends a number of general practices for better digestion. Digestive agni can be compared to a burning fire. If the flame is very low, then it will take a long time to cook the food. In the same way, if the fire is too big, it can burn the food. If we put a huge log on a low fire, it will extinguish it. Our digestive fires should be balanced so that we can digest our meals efficiently and smoothly.The ginger-and-lemon-juice recommendation helps to increase the digestive power. If, however, you suffer from an overactive agni, because of which there is too much internal heat and acid, then pomegranate chutney may be more suitable for you
So how do we know if we have good digestion or not . One can read the signs and symptoms of his own body to know the answer . For example if you have gases in your stomach it means that your food is not suitable for you .If you have pain , discomfort in your stomach all the time it is better to check your own digestive system rather than just the food ingredients . Also if you have low energy and signs of deficiency in your body it means that your digestive / absorption system is not functioning good !

So the basis is that Ayurvedic Nutrition Is a special style of eating food without judging the ingredients of the food and labelling one food good for all or one food bad for all . It is very Individualised planning of menu but yet at the same time very simple and easy to digest .It has the use of condiments in the right and appropriate manner instead of heavy and fatty food for flavours . Indian Spices play an important roles in the making of Ayurvedic food as each spice has special healing property and plays an important role in digestion of certain food products .There is so much one can learn about Ayurvedic cooking style and nutrition.We advice to follow our courses if you want to learn more